Old drawer slides

May 6, 2015
Using a drill, drill a hole in
In this video clip, This Old House general specialist Tom Silva updates some kitchen closet compartments.

1. Remove old compartments and cabinet slides in the closet.
2. Screw the material drawer-slide brackets on inside, backside regarding the case.
3. Set the retention films in position against underside of cabinet. Drill screw-pilot holes, after that screw the videos to the cabinet.
4. Insert the cabinet slides to the steel brackets at the back of the pantry; screw leading end regarding the slides towards closet face frame.
5. Push the drawers in to the case before the drawer slides mouse click in to the retention clips.
6. Hold a cabinet face against a cabinet, after that make use of your fist to pound regarding face to leave screw-head impressions on drawer front side.
7. Drill two superficial ½-inch-diameter holes at each screw-head impression.
8. Measure in about 4 ins from each region of the drawer and drill a 3/16-inch-diameter opening through drawer front.
9. Apply a dab of hot-melt glue every single screw directly the rear of the cabinet face, then straight away push the face area against the drawer front.
10. Wait about 30 seconds the glue to harden, after that gently pull open the drawer.
11. Fasten the cabinet face toward cabinet front side with two screws and washers. Be certain the screws aren't too long or they will break through the drawer face.

Source: www.thisoldhouse.com
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