Soft close Door Hardware

December 26, 2015
Soft-close door hardware

The interest in sliding doorways the home has grown significantly recently.

One instant advantage of sliding doorways, over swinging doors, may be the preserving of 15 sqft of living area per 3 base opening.

Now Specialty Doors usually takes sliding doors one step further.

Our unique smooth Close feature is present on sliding doorways and sliding partitions up to 175 weight.

This excellent feature takes the doorway panel to a smooth and gentle close.

The security element of decreasing pinch points is huge.

If you can find any kiddies in the house, this particular feature should always be required.

Smooth Close will manage the speed associated with the home no matter what the power used.

Imagine a young child or adult being annoyed and slamming a sliding home panel.

We all know accidents do happen whenever doorways tend to be slammed. That pertains to swinging or sliding doorways.

The benefits:

Less sound

Sliding doors with soft finishing system should always be set up on furnishings as well as in rooms in which considerable concentration and peaceful are needed. In bedrooms, hotel and client areas, meeting and conference spaces, workplaces and barrister’s offices, doctor’s surgeries, treatment and treatment spaces as well as the wellness location.

Eliminate accidents

Anywhere where small kids, old men and women and/or folks looking for attention exist, soft closing methods on sliding doorways effectively stop hands from being trapped in doorways. The automatic gentle braking and finishing regarding the door simply leaves stops tough collisions, and therefore goes quite a distance to stopping accidents.

Exceedingly convenient

Soft closing methods provide additional operating convenience on any sliding home: which means less force must shut the doorways, and doors immediately glide gently in to the end position. Convenient and safe in any situation.


Tricky collisions between sliding doors together with frames and end profiles result additional use to running gears, stoppers, songs, door leaves and door profiles. The self-closing apparatus therefore the smooth finishing system make sure the sliding doorways are safeguarded and that can be utilized for several years.

soft close door hardware
soft close door hardware
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Barn Door Hardware | Soft Close Barndoor Hardware
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