Interior Door Hardware

September 28, 2022
How to Install Door Hardware

Finish Alternatives:

For sale in ordinary steel or metal, our Flat Track equipment is sleek and stylish. Ball bearing tires make this equipment glide effortlessly over the rail. For modern-day or interior sliding doorways, the metal Flat Track is a great choice. For a far more standard appearance, our consumers choose a simple Ebony or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Our powdercoated finishes are merely the highest high quality readily available.

Vintage flat track finishes (Left to Appropriate): Brushed Stainless Steel, Unfinished, Glacier Gray, Ebony, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Sienna Rust.

Hammered level track finishes (Left to Appropriate): Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Sienna Rust, and Unfinished (natural steel).

Horseshoe level track finishes (Left to Appropriate): Ebony, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Sienna Rust, and Unfinished (Raw metal).

Weight Ratings:

**Rating per set of hangers

Classic Flat Track Sliding Equipment

Product ID: SF-CL

Products: Metal

Finish: Black, ORB, Incomplete, Sienna Rust, Glacier Gray

Note: The Timeless Flat Track barn-door Hangers tend to be a research in efficiency. Evoking feelings of beauty, the classic metallic straps fasten to your face for the home, the top the hanger wrapping gracefully throughout the wheel.

Vintage Stainless Flat Track Sliding Equipment

Item ID: SF-CL-S

Materials: Stainless Steel

Finish: Stainless

Note: The Classic Stainless Steel barn-door Hangers tend to be modern-day and sleek. This style is a wonderful match for houses with other stainless accessories and equipment. The stainless material is a great choice for both interior and external usage.

Hammered Flat Track Sliding equipment

Item ID: SF-HH

Note: Hammered Barn Door equipment Hangers are rustic and good looking. Forged by a master blacksmith, the edges tend to be peened and formed. The robust hangers introduce old-world high quality and heat to old-fashioned areas.

Aero Flat Track Sliding Equipment

Product ID: SF-AE

Note: Designed with a minimalist aethetic, the Aero barn-door equipment is refinined and unpretentious. These hangers affix towards the top of the door, lending visual appeal using its special structure.

Aero Stainless Steel Flat Track Sliding Hardware

Product ID: SF-AE-S

Materials: Stainless Steel

Note: The Aero stainless-steel Barn Door equipment is an excellent design aspect in an area. The hanger is surface installed or recessed in to the the top of door.

Prop Flat Track Sliding Equipment

Item ID: SF-PR

Note: made with the propellers of a B-29 in your mind, the Prop Flat Track barn-door Hangers are powerful and streamlined. These sporty no-fuss hangers glide efficiently along the track, their particular form similar to the dawn of modernism.

Prop Stainless Flat Track Sliding Equipment

Product ID: SF-PR-S

Note: Prop stainless barn-door equipment is suitable for both modern and standard settings.The wheel is much more uncovered than from the Classic Barn Door Hardware, and as such, is very effective with Wood Wheels.

Horseshoe Flat Track Equipment

Item ID: SF-HR

Finish: Pictured in black colored; see for lots more.

Note: Features Ball-Bearing Wheels. Perfect for Interior and Outdoor Applications. Readily available for solitary sliding and bipart sliding programs.

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InvisiDoor Hinge Hardware Kit for Interior Door Slab
InvisiDoor Hinge Hardware Kit for Interior Door Slab ...
Doug Mockett & Company - SDH1 Sliding Door Hardware
Doug Mockett & Company - SDH1 Sliding Door Hardware
Door hardware install Ashley Norton decrator interior set.
Door hardware install Ashley Norton decrator interior set.
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