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October 17, 2020
HAIFULE Hafele door locks

we have been obsessed with the little items that your customer might find and feel every single day. In sliding home hardware, we are zealously focused on how smooth could be the glide, exactly how soft could be the smooth close and how seamless could be the fit. Through the attack into lock we fixate on high quality, material, function and design.

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Whether your product is wood, glass or metal; your sliding doors are top hung or bottom rolling; the job needs a folding, stacking or a pocket home, simply follow the steps listed below and choose from the world’s best brands of sliding door hardware.

Step 1

Measure your opening level and width. Opening width is completed wall surface to complete wall. Starting level is from done roof into finished floor.

Step Two

Pick your door product. Choose cup, metal or wood. Choose mullions (if desired.) Determine the extra weight associated with door while the thickness associated with the home.

Step Three

Choose your configuration. It is possible to select: pocket door, sliding wall surface, sliding bypass, pivoting, folding center, folding end, fixed, sliding stacking perpendicular, or sliding stacking parallel.

Step Four

Pick your important equipment. You can make buying even simpler by choosing “set components” and “individual elements.” Individual elements include running rails, guide rails paths, stations, or profiles. Set components typically include stoppers, guides, operating gear, housing, bumpers, screw units, and buffers. The catalog shows sliding home hardware by matching the set components and individual components for every system.

Action 5

Select additional equipment. Based upon your configuration, you'll pick from flush pulls, ring pulls, rectangular pulls, floor guides, home guides, attacks, locks, brackets, hinges, connectors and ADA certified manages and locks.

From incomparable EKU brand, we provide the Divido system, a very versatile product which can be used as a premier or bottom working application and functions slim aluminum profiles ideal for glass or timber panels. Select the award-winning Porta system, undoubtedly a market game-changer, as it's really the only ceiling-fitted, pocket home application enabling the accessories and door leaf to-be removed after the building tasks are done.

HAWA Sliding Doorways

Just as impressive would be the services and products from HAWA. Through the essential Junior system, its light and silent operation ideal for a lot of programs toward elegant Concepta, exemplary for integral closets as well as other space high styles. Maybe your design requires the Aperto configuration of sliding, stackable pantry doorways or even the outstanding cornering properties for the Varioflex system that allows total freedom in building using rail bones that are linked merely and precisely with coupling elements on both edges. We also function the Media, Centerfold, Telescopic and Variotec methods, therefore no matter what your needs, HAWA has got the right sliding door equipment for the next project.

SLIDO Door Hardware

The Slido and Slido Timeless are a couple of of the most distinguished systems inside sliding home equipment industry whilst Aluflex sliding door system allows the best in customization. You decide on, not merely the equipment, however the door frame, mullion and finish, that is tailor made at Hafele The united states Co.

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hafele door lock
hafele door lock
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