Wicker out Door Furniture

September 28, 2022
Madison Outdoor Wicker

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Just what a great price! We marketed our outdoor furnishings (which we'd a ton of!) with your last residence and downsized, but we however needed someplace to stay on our small bungalows front porch as well as on the rear patio. This ready is perfect! We split it up and also both places covered! Benefits: - you obtain a great deal for your money - Gray wicker set with grey cushions just as pictured (note different wicker pattern vs the black and brown ready, that we liked!) - wicker appears durable - cushions have actually zippers - yay! - packed well in 2 huge bins Cons: - chair cushion is a little stiff, but most of those soften over time - right back support is extremely light-weight...I be concerned so it would quite easily strike away in a windstorm. - cloth high quality is TBD. It's not at all as top-notch as Sunbrell (but i did not anticipate that quality at this cost) in general, this is an excellent ready and I'm geeked about any of it!

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