Doors Handles and Locks

October 12, 2022
Whitco Lawson

eou-2-color.pngResponding to the importance of easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain items, Milgard created the innovative SmartTouch® screen lock and home handle. SmartTouch equipment is in the forefront of an essential brand-new trend in residence design known as "aging in place." With many baby boomers nearing their particular senior years, this technology and others are enabling visitors to stay on their own in their own personal homes much longer plus comfortably. Milgard is invested in developing innovative services and products and solutions because of this fast-growing market.

Milgard has made an osteoarthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation when it comes to development and universal design of SmartTouch® equipment plus the prestigious Global Design Excellence (IDEA) prize from Industrial developers community of The united states.

SmartTouch® Window Lock

Streamlined and Intuitive - The SmartTouch screen lock method is incorporated to the window sash for a streamlined, low-profile design. It runs effortlessly. One smooth, single movement opens or closes the screen, and locks it. No pinching, squeezing or twisting.

Security immediately - SmartTouch provides satisfaction your customers is able to see. Once the handle is down, the screen is secured. When the handle is up, the window is unlocked. It’s simple to use for all ages and real abilities.

Stronger and 25per cent Better - The lock construction is made from die-cast zinc so it's not only difficult, it's built to last. Utilizing AAMA certification, testing tips, independent laboratory engineers demonstrated your SmartTouch lock exceeds rigorous California forced-entry codes by 25per cent.

The SmartTouch® screen lock can be acquired on Tuscany® Series, Montecito® Series and Essence Series® product lines.

SmartTouch® Door Handle

Modern and Ergonomic - The SmartTouch handle has actually a sleek, ergonomic design and hidden lock device. An easy one-touch motion unlocks, opens and closes the doorway, making it accessible and functional for all many years.

Exceeds Forced-Entry Codes - The SmartTouch handle's lock and hold combo surpasses all Ca forced-entry demands, which are one of the most rigorous in the nation.

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Pt.3 96-00 Honda Civic Door Handle/Lock removal
Pt.3 96-00 Honda Civic Door Handle/Lock removal
Door Handles, Locks & Closers
Door Handles, Locks & Closers
door laches, locks and handles installed on 1970 mustang
door laches, locks and handles installed on 1970 mustang
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