Hafele Door Handles

July 16, 2017
Different Cabinet Door Options

The Häfele Group (Häfele GmbH & Co KG) is a German family members enterprise having its hq in Nagold, Germany. Häfele may be the leading intercontinental manufacturer and supplier of furnishings fittings and architectural hardware, with subsidiaries in 150 nations.

Häfele's furnishings fixtures (hinges, drawer systems, handles, connections, background lighting), architectural equipment (home equipment and digital locking systems), as well as other associated fixtures tend to be specifically made for furniture, building, and hardware supply companies. Häfele manufactures a diverse variety of services and products from ironing panels to door closers.

In the 2011 economic 12 months the Häfele group had a return of 945 million Euros with 37 subsidiaries in 6 continents. The return share abroad had been 75%. 5, 700 specific staff members increased the organization’s income by 8.6per cent compared to the earlier 12 months.

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Source: en.wikipedia.org
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