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November 30, 2016
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Karen LeBlanc: Universal Design

Growing Bolder
February, 2015

More developers tend to be generating services and products when it comes to home that are safer, easier and more convenient for everybody, regardless their size, ability or age. It’s labeled as Universal Design. Several businesses, including Hafele, tend to be unveiling new services and features which can be currently making an improvement. The Design Tourist Karen LeBlanc takes a look!

The Style Tourist: Universal Design Trends

Developing Bolder
February, 2015

Here’s an expression you’re probably hear plenty — UNIVERSAL DESIGN. Which means that manufacturers are generating services and products for residence that are less dangerous, simpler plus convenient for all, regardless their size, ability or age. Karen LeBlanc, the style Tourist, headed out to the world’s Kitchen and Bath Show and came back to share with Developing Bolder a number of the hottest universal design places she discovered, like the Häfele booth.

2015 Design and Construction Few Days

The Design Network
February, 2015

Join Karen LeBlanc in nevada for 2015 Design & Construction Week, the mega-event that brings together the best-in-industry companies for pretty much every space in your home. Karen explores the latest styles like the rise of this “foodie kitchen, ” ergonomic design and approaches to live large in little spaces.

Kitchen Encounters

January, 2015

Four LeMans, blind-corner shelving systems had been incorporated in to the cabinetry for easy use of hard-to-reach products. Chrome equipment regarding cupboards features a modem neutral tone that combines well because of the heat of timber.

Häfele Pairs LED burning with Sliding Door Hardware at IWF 2014

Woodworking System
August, 2014

Mike Brewer of Hafele showcases burning and sliding door systems for cabinets and house storage space at IWF 2014. Häfele presented items consist of doorways which retract into cabinetry like pocket doors, and Loox LED lights which start and down with home movement.

Loox LED Lighting Range from Häfele Gets Larger and Brighter

Woodworking Network
August, 2014

Häfele America Co., a leading supplier of Light-emitting Diode lighting solutions, is very happy to announce the broadened Loox category of Light-emitting Diode lighting effects to present better lights, advanced level technology plus solutions for cabinetry lighting. Through this development, the 12 V system, 24 V system and 350-mA system have become to incorporate 21 additional items and four new drivers.

Cabinet Customers Benefit from LED Illumination

March, 2014

Buyers of cupboards tend to be using a closer check interior storage designs. LED interior illumination plans provide benefits for pantry cansumers, says Jason Artus, company development manager fro Luxury Personalized Cabinetry Grou, Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry and Rutt Regency.

Aluflex Door Program Available from Häfele

Woodworking Network
June 16, 2014

Häfele America Co. is pleased to announce the Aluflex Sliding Door program can be purchased, custom-made and pre-assembled through Häfele-to-Order (H-to-O) online service.

Häfele Illuminates Everything at KBIS

Woodworking System
February 12, 2014

For KBIS 2014, the simplest summary of Häfele The united states's hardware and element display was this: every little thing Was Illuminated. From drawers, to cupboards, toe kicks to closet rods, it absolutely was all lit with LED. In addition great and producing some buzz among designers had been a tambour-style maple Rapid Pull-out Table.

Häfele at AWFS 2013

Woodworking Network
July 24, 2013

Häfele's Scott Markwood talks about the business's Loox 2 Light-emitting Diode case illumination system along side its other cabinet, sliding home and furniture hardware items on display at AWFS Fair.

Universal Design From The Tipping Point?

Summer 13, 2013

Possibly it is the developing cadre of baby boomers or the range households trying to accommodate granny in addition to young children, but in discussions about housing, the term “universal design” is trending.

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