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August 17, 2021
Blum hinges modern kitchen

Face Frame design HingeCheck away this hinge buying guide for expert advice regarding the best case and furnishings hinges, features, and FAQs. For Woodworker’s Hardware full collection, find over 250 pantry and furniture hinges using the internet.

Purchasing and installing hidden hinges can be only a little complicated in the event that you’ve never ever used all of them prior to. That’s why we’ve included a brief, however comprehensive guide to Blum concealed hinges called “Understanding Concealed Hinges." This guide should answer most of your questions regarding the standard kinds and applications of concealed hinges, plus help you on your path to buy and installation.

Framless BoxTend to be your cabinets Face Frame or Frameless?

Face Frame Style

Construction technique with a timber framework all over front of this closet box.

Frameless (Box) Style Construction method that is comprised of a pantry package with edges, top, bottom, and straight back.

Which are the hottest types of cupboard hinges?


These hinges tend to be totally hidden when installed. Initially designed in European countries for frameless cupboards could now also get a hold of a complete complement of face frame variations for every application.Concealed Hinge For overlay doorways in face frame building, you have two options for concealed hinges: Blum lightweight series hinges, an even more affordable option, or European design hinges with face frame adapter plates.

To learn more about Blum Concealed Hinges, see our Blum Concealed Hinge Guide! (Downloadable PDF).

European Style Hinges Semi Concealed Hinges

These are a specific sort of hidden hinge that uses a gap bored into the back regarding the case door.


Occasionally called blade hinges, a small 9/32” slot or kerf is cut in the most truly effective and bottom on the hinge part of the cupboard doorways and all you notice is little knuckle from the edge of the door.

Exterior Mount Hinges

These hinges tend to be affixed with screws on surface of a face frame style closet.

Wrap Hinges

These hinges are full or half wrap and are also connected with screws into inside edge of a face frame orifice. Wrap hinges are available in residential, furnishings and high quality institutional variations.

exterior Mount Hinges Wrap Hinges Mortise Hinges complimentary Swing Hinges
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