White Internal Door Handles

December 20, 2020
Large Selection - Cream,Pink

Ranked 5.0 out-of 5.0 by Iggy GREAT substitution Handle! A little pricey you get what you buy. Uncertain if it was produced in USA or perhaps not. This replacement handle has numerous screw lengths to suit any door width. It is a pretty wise solution to set up correctly in just a screw driver. Quality is fantastic set alongside the junky OEM handle that included the entranceway. You may want to get a outside secret lock since an option and looks easy to put in. (Lockset E2145) if you're unsure if this is for your needs will need to verify your old handle dimensions particularly the screw length aside. It is 3 15/16" between holes. (opening center to gap center) January 8, 2015

Ranked 5.0 from 5.0 by successful exactly what I became looking for! Bought a short purchase a year ago and sliding glass home towards patio had been missing the handle. Seemed throughout on regional shops and mayn't discover handle that we needed. Since I wasn't even certainly which the doorway producer was it managed to make it difficult to get an idea of exactly what handle we necessary to get. I saw that one online and decided to take an opportunity it would fit. Fortunately it had been an amazing fit and I also do not have to start the entranceway by sticking my hands into the lock holes anymore! This handle included 3 various lengths of screws that could protect all of the different home types. It appears very sturdy and appears like it was included with the doorway right from the factory. August 4, 2014

Rated 4.0 regarding 5.0 by MHfrisco Good matching replacement. Minimun instructions. Three lenghts of screws supplied. Measure old screw's size toward brand new people before set up. Summer 18, 2011

Ranked 5.0 from 5.0 by Snowflake enjoy this handle!!! The handle fit completely, I didn't need to make any adjustment of any sort. The handle feel powerful and sturdy, and I also don't think they are going to snap from the way my past door handle performed. The handle is die-cast and white, and my patio door is white it is therefore an ideal match. The mortise lock works beautifully. You really must have the mortise lock system already, this handle cannot come with the device, just the lock switch which makes the entranceway latch. July 14, 2014

Ranked 4.0 out-of 5.0 by Brian Sturdy, great fit, a lot better than original handle Good solid manages. Simple install. Somewhat narrower than the past handle, so some markings reveal on home adjacent to handle on both sides. Latch is easy to use, nevertheless when opening the securing components don't constantly fully retract to the door as before. More of a visual issue, no practical dilemmas. Might 8, 2013

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 by jtrno good sturdy product easy install took to long on distribution should speed that up took per week with regards to was only 1 day away March 27, 2013

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