Soft Closers for Kitchen Drawers

January 14, 2017
Drawer Dampers

Hey there my friends! I'm SO worked up about their find and couldn’t to share with you it to you!

So you understand how I’m redoing our home this current year? Our cupboards are great quality and can remain (but will get a redo) but there’s only a little detail that I’ve already been coveting for decades today.

Each and every time we walk-through IKEA I open-and-shut the cupboard doorways to understand magic…the secret regarding the soft close door. I thought it was just a dream my buddies. A dream of replacing each and every hinge in our kitchen area that had beenn’t likely to take place.

Here’s the bundle:

They show up ten to a pack also it ended up being $35 – (but are $7 cheaper on Amazon) not bad if you think about each closet is just over $3 to achieve this.

The installation was SUPER easy. Each goes in the cupboard like therefore, with a bit of the side holding more than:

No, We haven’t coated the inside for the cupboard home. We don’t paint the insides. Ain’t no person got time for the. Possibly someday someone will have time for that.

I predrilled the opening when it comes to screw:

This is why set up less complicated and makes sure the framework does not separate. Each one only needs one screw.

Here’s an instant movie showing you the way they near today:

(That auto plays all of my video clips so you may wish drive pause when it finishes.)

I came across mine become perfect while they had been, you could turn the little dial in the back once again to adjust how quickly the entranceway shuts:

Let. me personally. tell. you. It’s amazing! It seems therefore luxurious…all fancy-like. It does take some being employed to – we’re however trying to shut all of them but to tell ourselves to chilllll and allow it do it’s task.

The best part could be the little shields on our doors are continuously falling off and I’m always gluing them back on now there is no need. The directions only reveal these for closet doors but I’m going to take to all of them out on a drawer to see if it works. If not…there’s constantly those complete stretching cabinet slides with soft close…someday. ;) I’ll inform you if these work however!

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