Types of inside Door Locks

July 11, 2022
The inside of French doors

Entry Lockset

  • Two doorknobs that can be locked from both inside in addition to outside.
  • One type locks from the inside by-turning or depressing a small option, while a vital must unlock the surface knob.
  • Some models must certanly be locked with a vital on both the inside and outside.
  • In other designs, only the interior knob can lock or unlock both sides of the set.
  • a method safety entrance-door lock.
  • An excellent feature on entry locksets is a deadlatch.

Deadbolt Lock

  • Offers maximum security on a door.
  • Called “dead” because there are no springs to work the bolt. It's just run manually with a vital or a thumb change from the inside.
  • The bolt locks the door on framework and assists prevent somebody from prying the doorway open.
  • The place may be the length the bolt is extended from lock housing. The standard is a 1” place.
  • Locks are designed to fit certain size holes and backsets. Backset is the length between your side of the entranceway therefore the center of handle.
  • A single-cylinder deadbolt is managed with a vital from outside with a change button on the inside. Its used mostly with solid metal or wood doors.
  • A double-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a vital on both the inside and outside. It is preferable applied to a home with cup in or around all of them since the design stops somebody from breaking the cup, reaching in and unlocking the entranceway.
  • Double-cylinder deadbolts can pose a risk during an emergency. In the event that key is missing or perhaps not easily obtainable, individuals could possibly be caught inside a locked residence. In a few places, codes may not allow this style of deadbolt.

Surface-Mounted Deadbolt

  • Squarish in shape and installed on the surface of the inside the door.
  • The bolt is switched with a key or a turn knob.
  • Rather than sliding to the home frame, the bolt slides into a surface-mounted attack.

Mortise Lock

  • Comprises of a flat, rectangular box that fits into a recess in the door from its side. Also includes two faceplates such as the knobs and keyholes.
  • Obtainable in right- or left-handed types.
  • Has actually a pin tumbler fasten in a cylinder.
  • Latch operates from either side except if the outdoors knob is locked.
  • Deadbolt runs by a change associated with the interior knob.
  • A vital through the outdoors runs the deadbolt and latchbolt.
  • Utilized on many types of doorways, from hefty entry doors to apartment structures and domestic doorways.

Night Latch

  • Installed on the inside area of home.
  • Has a computerized locking function. The big, spring-loaded latch automatically locks whenever the door is shut.
  • For light protection and in most cases found in combination with another lock.

Passage Lockset

  • An interior lockset made use of within the home in hallways or closets between areas in which privacy is not essential.
  • Has actually two, non-locking knobs, one on each region of the home. Some designs utilize levers as opposed to knobs.
  • Obtainable in a wide variety of types and finishes.

Privacy Lockset

  • An interior lockset.
  • Created for privacy as opposed to for security
  • Features a securing key inside knob but no key device externally knob.
  • Is often a knob or a lever.
  • In an urgent situation, the lock can be opened through the outside by placing a slim object through tiny hole when you look at the external knob and either depressing or switching the fastener in, with regards to the type of lock. "


  • Often an entry ready that integrates a lockset with a deadbolt, the deadbolt is based just above the knob or handle. Can be a one- or two-piece product.
  • Available with both solitary- and double-cylinder deadbolts. Styles of locksets will vary widely.
  • Obtainable in many different types and finishes

Keyless Entry System

  • For higher level home security and convenience
  • Sound and visual signs confirm the lockset is triggered.
  • Some models will sound an alarm following the incorrect rule has-been entered significantly more than three successive times.
  • Anti-theft rolling signal feature guarantees similar code is not utilized twice.
  • Some methods are compatible with some storage home openers therefore the homeowner only requires one remote.

Dummy Knob

  • Utilized only for design or applications that don't need a latch
  • Does not have any latching apparatus and will not switch.
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