Soft close door Hinges

April 24, 2016
The 2nd Generation of Titus
  • Blum lightweight 39C one piece metal hinge. Mounting plate and hinge are combined in one single unit.
  • For face framework cabinets.
  • Opening direction is 110 levels.
  • Hinge installs in a 35mm (1-3/8")diameter glass drilled at the back of the doorway. Cup depth is 1/2".
  • Bore distance is 1/8". The bore distance may be the distance between your side of the door as well as the edge of the 35mm cup drilled in the rear of the doorway. This dimension is a regular measurement for many compact European hinges.
  • Hinge is self-closing.
  • Available in 4 various overlays. If you're changing hinges, your overall overlay should really be stamped regarding old hinge.
  • If you need to determine the overlay dimension of the home, go through the website link below for dimension guidelines.
  • The hinge part is sold with screws and press-in dowels. If the set up does not use "press in" dowels you can remove the dowels and make use of the wood screws provided.
  • The mounting dish part doesn't have screws. Order one #10 cooking pan mind screw per hinge ordered. Screws are offered for purchase during checkout.
  • The hinge is flexible after set up. Plus or minus 1/8" high. Plus or minus 1/16" laterally. Plus 3/32" and minus 1/32" level.
  • For 3/4" deal with framework thicknesses.

Accesories readily available for this hinge (provided for purchase at check-out):

  • #10 Pan head screw, needed for set up (SKU 135418).
  • Soft Close unit (SKU 268232).
  • Touch Latch (SKU 268038).
  • 35mm Forstner little bit, for new installations (SKU 204000).
  • Ecodrill installation jig, for new installments (SKU 701000).
  • Decorative hinge supply address limit (SKU 268791)


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