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April 12, 2016
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An expert provides some understanding of elements impacting the overall performance of soft-close hinges. March 12, 2015

Concern (WOODWEB Member) :
Our company is making use of both a 155 and 94 level thick home hinge for our present home task. The closing apparatus is very sluggish, particularly regarding 94 hinges. We made a call to my supplier searching for any modification and said I must drill to 16.5mm for adequate air area behind the hinge that I have inked with little enhancement. By accident I put two smooth close for a passing fancy home on a cab utilising the 155 hinge and therefore worked better, but I'm sure it is strongly suggested one soft and one free swing for each door I think. Is any person familiar with Salice soft close, and in case so what is your experience? The hinge doesn't also trigger before home is 3" from becoming totally closed.

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Could I suggest two hinges per door until you have actually a really tiny, lightweight door, which can be seldom the situation for thick home applications.
From contributor K:
For some reason, heating them through to the rear region of the cup with a temperature weapon appears to loosen all of them up. If hole isn't bored deep enough it places strain on the synthetic cap which is the soft close method. In addition give consideration to one soft close and another typical if everything else fails.
Lets take this one subject at the same time. First, the most suitable minimum drilling depth for the 94 level and also the 155 level thick home, Silentia hinges is 15.5mm. Drilling at 16.5mm have no unpleasant result. If however, the cup level is also slightly shallower versus 15.5mm you definitely will encounter very slow finishing doorways or even doors that will not shut whatsoever (also 1/32" too superficial will negatively impact the hinge motion). If it's not feasible to drill the entire 15.5mm level considering a door profile advantage you should use spacers that will enable you to drill a shallower glass.

Secondly, the reason for this depth requirement is not to have an atmosphere area but alternatively to prevent exorbitant strain on the hinge cup bottom. Excessive stress on the bottom of hinge cup can limit the movement for the process included within the white exterior layer.

3rd, cold temperatures can certainly impact the closing rate of this Silentia hinge. I'd not recommend a heat firearm nonetheless. Normal room-temperature is perhaps all that is required for appropriate activity associated with hinge. Sometimes, in winter months, in a cold store, I have without a doubt seen slowly than appropriate action. This may correct itself after the hinge achieves typical room conditions. This won't be a problem during summer months.

Lastly, two soft close depends on a door would normally be recommended. In some cases however, with lighter or really small doorways it is acceptable to combine one soft close plus one self-close hinge on a single door. This will indeed increase the closing action.

I would personally agree totally that the 155 degree hinge will not activate until much nearer to the cabinet than does the 94 degree hinge (or even for that matter the 105 level and 110 degree hinges). This is certainly due to the fact that the 155 degree is a seven pivot hinge. The others are four pivot hinges and smooth close feature will trigger once the home is all about 40 levels open.

From original questioner:
Thank you for replies. Two hinges per door performs better. I became always under the assumption that two hinges was not advised since the procedure of 1 would affect others.
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