UPVC external Door Handles

September 2, 2022

When choosing an alternative handle for your dual glazed door you need to ensure you get the perfect dimensions. There are lots of sizes therefore here's a simple help guide to allow you to select the handle that'll fit.

The most important size of any door handle is the centers, in addition know whilst the PZ dimensions. This size may not be changed and no number of drilling etc can transform this particular fact because the centres are set because of the fastener within your door.

Stick to the how to determine home handle or as an alternative if you know just what sizes you want decide to try our simple option Door Handle Calculator.


Firstly you ought to get a tape measure and then determine amongst the center regarding the handle lever therefore the center of cylinder gap (A). See the design on the remaining for assistance.

Once you have learned the PZ (A) of the door manages you ought to go directly to the chart above and click from the matching image. This will just take that the group that match your door.

You'll then need certainly to assess the distance involving the screws, centre to center.

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Source: www.handlesandhinges.co.uk
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