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June 30, 2016
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.Rocky hill HardwareMade in Idaho and producing architectural bronze home equipment for prestigious consumers since 1994, Rocky Mountain equipment will continue to provide finest high quality in decorative equipment, bronze door equipment, closet hardware, bath hardware, plumbing, sink accessories, tile and illumination on the market. Each piece is handmade and sand-cast with the beauty and integrity of solid-bronze, providing excellent high quality and dependability that made Rocky Mountain equipment popular.

We have been Georgia's largest Rocky Mountain hardware dealer!

Rocky hill equipment needs all dealers to exhibit producer number prices. Consequently, we can't publish our cost. Please e mail us for a quote. Costs shown would be the producer's complete listing cost.


Ordering Information
We offer the complete distinct Rocky Mountain equipment. Unless you discover things you need on our internet site, be sure to contact us by phone, fax or email and we'll gladly enable you to get a price.

Rocky Mountain Hardware bronze door hardware is custom made to order through the finest solid bronze products. Lead time is 4 to 9 weeks according to your selection. Longer lead times for customized styles. Because Rocky Mountain equipment is custom made, discover a 30% restocking charge. Purchase are canceled within 5 times of confirming purchase without incurring a restocking charge. If you only wish the very best, select Rocky hill Bronze Door Hardware. If you'd like the best in custom bronze door equipment, use Rocky Moutain equipment.

Rocky Mountain Hardware, Inc., patina finishes might in time wipe down in locations as a result of the regularity of good use. Rocky Mountain Hardware, Inc. cannot consider this become a problem, but instead an ordinary process for bronze home hardware which cannot be avoided, and over time improves the obviously the aging process look for the steel. Thus, Rocky Mountain equipment, Inc., cannot guarantee item patina finishes and won't fix or change patina finishes for bronze home hardware under this warranty. Bronze home hardware subjected to salt environments may develop a verdigris finish.

Rocky hill equipment, Inc., warrants an eternity guarantee for the bronze services and products is free of problems in product and craftsmanship. In addition, the internal components, including all bronze home equipment, hair, latches, etc., tend to be guaranteed in full for 50 years from date of sale to your original user. The actual only real responsibility of Rocky hill Hardware, Inc., is to fix or change the flawed bronze home equipment item or components upon presentation, together with evidence of buy dated in the warranty period. We cannot justify any patina finish or leather. We believe no liability for almost any labor charges for the bronze home equipment about the elimination or reinstallation for the items; nor will we cover any cargo, postage, or handling expenditure in accordance with the item. Problems caused by accident, abuse, abuse, or poor set up aren't covered by this guarantee.

Base Metals
Rocky Mountain equipment separately pours each bit of bronze home hardware only using the best high quality silicon and white bronzes. Those two bronzes tend to be distinct in their look: silicon bronze includes copper, silicon, and zinc, and it is coppery-gold in color; white bronze includes copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc, and it is silver in shade.

Bronze home hardware will obviously oxidize eventually. Different aspects, including time, touch, environment, and experience of elements, will influence this continuous aging process, therefore altering along with, sheen, and surface associated with bronze. This "living finish" is referred to as the patina. Rocky hill equipment uses hand-applied patinas to their bronze dodor hardware to carry a desired aged appearance to your bronze equipment. Silicon bronze could be done in a brushed, light, method, dark, or rust patina. White bronze are finished in a brushed, light, medium, or dark patina. The patina will continue to evolve at a normal rate centered on a few aforementioned facets.

Each piece of bronze door equipment is independently made-to-order, handcrafted, and hand-distressed. With the patina process, this manufacturing method means no two items of Rocky Mountain Hardware tend to be exactly alike.

The desirable and inevitable top-notch bronze door equipment is it will alter as time passes. There is no cleaner, wax, or polish that will end this process. Ideally, the area shouldn't be addressed with a cleaner. If required, however, it is cleaned with moderate soap and water. A top quality clear flooring wax may also be applied to any patina to protect the conclusion.

Rocky hill Hardware very recommends choosing Bronze Light (BL) or White Light (WL) completes for many basins. Other patinas can be obtained; but they truly are residing finishes and will change with time, touch, and make use of. (for example.: Harsh cleansing and beauty products, acid fruits, etc. may strip patina finish.)

About Rocky Mountain Hardware

Rocky Mountain equipment provides a total line of handmade, solid bronze home hardware and architectural equipment. Because the beginning, our objective was to give you a diverse and attractive product going to withstand for years to come. Our commitment toward cooperation of simple-yet-elegant form and exceptional function is exemplified in every piece we make.

Through sand-cast and lost-wax procedures, Rocky Mountain equipment produces bronze door equipment with a well-balanced mix of colors, designs, and easy outlines to check a multitude of styles. The aforementioned cooperation is sealed by incorporating advanced elements and precise machining to reach an unequaled degree of worry-free operation for years in the future.

Rocky Mountain equipment also focuses primarily on making customer tips come to life through our extensive custom abilities. We encourage consumers to collaborate with our group to make an idea into truth. This system binder is yet another element of the proper execution and function relationship. Feedback from our consumers, including our suppliers, architects, builders, manufacturers, and customers, is coupled with our findings to create an instrument that delivers all information necessary to specify and/or order items.

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