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February 20, 2018
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We provide a selection of entry way furniture including door knockers, numerals, center home knobs, letterplates, letter cages amd bell pushes offering appealing alternatives for leading door and entrance location to your residence.

In your mortice home knob area we feature cup, china and quality solid brass mortice knobs in several finishes and designs.

Modern and old-fashioned lever handles to complement any home design.

Our total selection of stainless steel door furniture features anything from front door furnishings, lever home handles, mortice knobs alongside equipment necessary for todays contemporary house only in... stainless steel.

This part features pull manages in old-fashioned and contemporary designs with matching fingerplates.

Including barrel bolts, flush bolts, espagnolette bolts, indictor bolts and heavy weight bolts.

The obvious requirement of a hinge is always to attach a home or screen to a frame. What's frequently over-looked is that a hinge must carry the weight of home without sagging. Hinges tend to be under-specified as a result of decreased comprehension or to spend less and folks just accept that doorways are supposed to droop, or bind or drag. Hinges should enable the home to swing quickly along with minimum friction. A hinge should withstand the forces exerted on it and through it by door closers.

Furniture - Doors Direct
Furniture - Doors Direct
furniture for bedroom.avi
furniture for bedroom.avi
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