Slow Closings drawer slides

October 25, 2016
Concealed drawer slides

Self-close and soft-close are comparable mechanisms that provide the fall with two variations of closing action.

a slip with self-close will close the slide by engaging the system inside back of the cupboard member using a pin element regarding drawer member. The closing action is quite positive and is performed by a spring with no damping.

Slides can have different finishing causes to pull-in various loads. The system in addition will act as a hold-in, by virtue associated with the spring stress holding the slide closed – preventing the slide from jumping open.

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Since the apparatus needs a spring force to pull the load sealed, this may in addition affect the orifice force; the spring price needs to be overcome while starting the drawer. Let’s image a self-close slip on a drawer. The user will feel a resistance through the spring while opening the drawer, but this can disappear completely once the slide has-been released through the springtime.

A soft-close slip has all the same benefits and qualities of a self-close, but with the additional function of a smooth dampened finishing activity.

This can help avoid the slip from slamming closed. The damper is generally positioned in the process at the rear of the fall, much like the self-close, and manages the closing action.

This process additionally will act as a hold-in, preventing the fall from jumping available. Because process requires a spring power to pull force shut, it will also impact the orifice power.


  • The self-close procedure cannot reduce the closing activity for the drawer – it provides a positive closing.
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