Quiet close drawer slides

May 2, 2017
Soft Close - LTL Drawers

The whole world's very first Push-Open and hushed Soft closing all mechanical design!

Blends a whisper-quiet self-closing system with push-open simplicity - an industry initially! To open the cabinet, only provide a light push plus it pops open a couple of ins. When established totally, fall it closed and the soft-close procedure engages to pull it gradually and silently back into the cupboard. King Slides are ideal for usage on cabinets without pulls or knobs, either for a clean, modern look, or in which space is an issue, such as for instance for boats and engine homes. Effortless modifications enable you to fine tune your gaps for on a clean finished appearance.

Technical Details:

  • Push-open action allows you to open the cabinet without the necessity for pulls or knobs.
  • Soft-close function removes slamming drawers and keeps the cabinet closed, even yet in cellular surroundings such as for example ships and engine houses.
  • Can be used in a choice of an inset or overlay application.
  • All technical - no electricity required.
  • Tool-less cabinet height adjustment with 3.5mm range (about 1/8").
  • Drawer depth is flexible with a wheel.
  • Ultra smooth gliding motion with excellent rigidity and security.
  • Included front release levers enable quick, effortless drawer installation and treatment.
  • Completely concealed undermount design.
Source: www.rockler.com
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