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October 12, 2015
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Edit for 2014: this article is almost 4 years of age, and these days there are soft-close kits by Blumotion among others that produce this technique easier and cheaper!

Inside instructable i am going to educate you on how-to retrofit the Blumotion soft-close drawer system (from their particular TandemBox range) to just about any drawer! We would rather retain a consistent look in their home, therefore changing the drawers completely is out of issue (not forgetting extremely expensive.) The Blumotion system is amongst the most readily useful, nevertheless it only works closely with the matching cabinet system from same company... or more they believed :)

Tools you will need:
- drill
- bolt cutter
- little flat-head screwdriver
- tiny hacksaw (we used a coping saw)
- some bolts (tiny thread, M2.5 or 0.1" thread diameter)
- some screws
- ruler & pencil

The only real needs for current drawer:
- approx 12mm (0.5") approval on either the left or the right regarding the cabinet (almost any rail system have this)
- approx 9mm (0.35") clearance behind the cabinet
The drawer may be manufactured from wood or metal - does not matter.

Note towards small piston-type door buffers / dampers:
Before this task I attemptedto make use of these to damp my compartments, but they didn't work very well (drawers would not self-close, or however slammed shut.) The Blumotion system along with its lengthy place and springtime+latch process overcomes these problems. As a result of adamazing for bringing this up into the responses.

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Drawer dampers
Drawer dampers
How To Fit Drawer And Door Dampers (Soft Close Options)
How To Fit Drawer And Door Dampers (Soft Close Options)
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