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September 4, 2016
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Inspect the doorknob and plate to determine the mounting method.examine the doorknob and plate to determine the installation technique.

Getting rid of old doorknob faceplates is an easy project no matter what kind is put in. Faceplates - commonly known as trim dishes, rosettes or a rose - are generally held positioned with installing screws or are the snap-in variety without screws noticeable or else. Removal of either type requires common home resources and may be done in only a matter of minutes.

Inspect the doorknob shaft and locate the set-screw, slot or tiny gap. If a screw can be viewed, insert a screwdriver and change counterclockwise to remove the screw - free the knob by pulling outward from shaft. If a slot is present, insert a flat-head screwdriver and push in while pulling from the knob. If a hole occurs, insert an awl, ice choose or nail and push inward while pulling the doorknob outward.

Inspect the doorknob plate and check for installing screws or a tiny slot where in actuality the plate meets the door if screws are not obvious. If screws can be found, insert a screwdriver and remove them by-turning counterclockwise. If no screws can be found, insert a little flat-head screwdriver in to the slot and pry outward.

Get rid of the two interior installing screws today noticeable behind the dish location by-turning counterclockwise with a screwdriver. The contrary doorknob, plate and interior construction will pull effortlessly from door. If getting rid of the contrary trim-plate, get rid of the doorknob in the same manner as explained in 1.

Things You Will Be Needing

  • Screwdrivers (slotted and/or flat-head of differing sizes)
  • Awl, ice pick, nail or any other narrow, pointed device (for screw-less doorknobs)


  • During examination of knob and plate, check always both sides for the home the existence of screws, slot machines and holes. Some doorknob models utilize mounting systems on just one region of the home.
  • If screw-less dishes are hard to remove, spot a pencil or similar item within the screwdriver shaft. This can act as a fulcrum while increasing the lever action associated with screwdriver while prying.


  • Be careful when prying screw-less plates in order to avoid injury to home lumber and paint. If dishes tend to be hard to pull, place a pencil or comparable item underneath the screwdriver shaft. This will behave as a fulcrum to increase the lever-action of the screwdriver and protect the door.
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