Wooden Door Knobs

August 22, 2022


While doors in the earliest American houses would have showcased thumb latches as opposed to knobs, easy metal doorknobs began showing up in upscale houses into the 1700s. Though they never fell totally out-of-fashion, the rise in popularity of metal doorknobs waned a little in the Victorian era, whenever variety various other designs grabbed the attention of home owners. With additional design (including molded and beaded rims), the design made a big comeback during the Colonial Revival. (Note: If you’re worried about bright, shiny brass knobs taking the show, look for traditional versions, which usually have a more mellow patina.)

White Porcelain

When American pottery businesses began making white porcelain doorknobs centered on brought in European instances into the mid-1800s, the design shot to popularity and stayed fashionable through the first part of the twentieth century. Porcelain knobs could be present a number of residence types, including Italianates, Greek Revivals, very early Victorians, and bungalows. On numerous traditional versions, you’ll notice an internet of hairline cracks (known as “crazing”) at first glance; crazing ended up being a manufacturing side effects and is simply a patina, maybe not harm. When it comes to most accurate appearance, set white porcelain knobs with black rim hair.

Brown Mineral

a relative associated with the white porcelain knob, brown mineral knobs are prized for his or her swirly, virtually marble-like surface, that was produced by mixing two colors of clay. They’re frequently described as “Bennington knobs, ” following the Vermont potteries that assisted to popularize the trend. The rise in popularity of brown mineral knobs ended up being relatively short-lived (around from mid-1800s towards turn regarding the century), and so they had been most popular with people who own Greek Revival homes.

Antique metal knobs from Historic Houseparts classic wooden knobs from Historic Houseparts Wrought bronze Lorraine home set from House of Antique equipment

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