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April 6, 2022
Renaissance Collection Door

Emtek Products, Inc. is focused on taking interesting, well-made hardware back into United states houses as Americans tend to be re-discovering the satisfaction that comes from purchasing well-designed items. Emtek is trying to give you an extensive, interesting array of products that customers may use as elements of design, not just as a way to latch a door. Since its founding in 1981, Emtek has generated a reputation for dependability and stability of design because of the company's insistance on great workmanship.

All orders of Emtek products are custom-assembled per your order, making them special towards requirements. This allows much freedom to select from an almost limitless combination of home knob styles, lever door handle styles, rosettes, plates, and finish colors to compliment the patient decor of your property.

Inside passage, privacy, dummy knobs
Indoor passage, privacy, dummy levers
Keyed door knobs for exterior and interior use
Keyed home levers for external and interior usage
Exterior entry locks - single or double-keyed
Decorative external handles
Outdoor mortise lockset handles provide heavy-duty security
Ornamental plates for interior passageway, privacy, dummy use
Lock your home with a bolt for inside or outside use
Ornamental home pull handles for interior or exterior usage
Solid metal and plated metallic hinges in residential, heavy-duty, ball-bearing, and spring-loaded
Pouch home locks, door stops, area bolts, door knockers, flush bolts, home catches, plus
Address figures, switch dishes, doorbell covers, casement latches, and more
Cabinet knobs, cupboard brings, drawer draws, in many products and designs
Towel pubs, bath towel bands, wc paper holders, gown hooks

A huge selection of designs to match all domiciles, including undoubtedly authentic antique reproductions

Emtek provides designs of-door knobs, home levers, doors handles, and decorative plates in every kinds of styles to compliment your property it doesn't matter what style it is. By searching Emtek hardware you'll find United states history, contemporary, antique, Arts & Crafts, Tuscany, austere, southwestern, and many more designs of equipment.

Emtek's reproduction hardware styles are obtained from actual equipment projects that started in structure and industrial facilities from very early 18th through 20th hundreds of years. Emtek's crystal home knobs are genuine reproductions of styles produced by us factories around 1830. Their particular porcelain knob designs date returning to the 1700s. Emtek's Rope style knobs and handles started in England through the very early 1800s in addition to design achieved North America around 1910. The Belmont designs had been manufactured because of the Sargent Lock business in Connecticut during 1910s and '20s. The Quincy plate ended up being a staple of North American product lines from 1880-1940. The Victoria design knobs and plates tend to be replicas of one produced by the Yale & Towne business in Connecticut beginning in 1910, and also this style represents Victorian design.

Using genuine, solid products that last a very long time

Emtek home knobs, lever door handles, entry door locks, deadbolts, alongside home hardware are made from solid forged products including brass, bronze, and metallic. Emtek does not cast or stamp their products, but rather uses a forging procedure that provides a flawless area that may be very refined if desired. Their utilization of solid product offers up thick and heavy top-notch services and products.

The Italian Collection Door Knobs and Door Levers
The Italian Collection Door Knobs and Door Levers
Hardware Showroom for Decorative Knobs and Pulls
Hardware Showroom for Decorative Knobs and Pulls
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