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June 25, 2017
Folding exterior doors upvc
The doorframe built to withstand...

No home at home takes more discipline in that case your entry doorways. The frames they hang on additionally withstand duplicated anxiety and stress since the doors are established and closed - 7 days a week. Because of this heavy deterioration, you need a doorframe that's not just functional and attractive but additional durable to withstand day-to-day use. That's what PH Tech's all uPVC doorframe is all about.

Made for simple installation, installation and use, these door frames tend to be very adaptable. They can be used in welded or technical assemblies, combo doors and in a great many other programs. As a leader in superior PVC components PH Tech offers a door frame utilizing the power and stamina to make sure steady and safe overall performance year in year out.

Lasting Durability

  • Exclusive lead-free 100% virgin uPVC element prevents discoloration
  • Resistant to bangs, slams, as well as other impacts.
  • Won't rust, rot, warp, weaken, or swell.

All-around Efficiency

  • Multi-chamber profiles offer outstanding insulation properties.
  • Airtight and watertight - no drafts, no leakages.

uPVC For Extra Security

  • PH Tech's rugged uPVC rises to vandalism while hinge seatings are strengthened against break and entry
  • Rugged but versatile design means they are perfect for the full variety of indoor or outdoor lock methods and latches.


  • Corners join on hard, sealing gaskets - no messy chemical caulking.
  • As rigid as any wood frame available today.
  • Brick mould design is functional and appealing.

Door Frames Fit For Any Job

  • Perfect for both residence renovation and new construction
  • Can match both in-swing and out-swing programs
  • Special 2" stone mould profile accepts many types and companies for violent storm doorways

The Test of Time

  • With uPVC doorframes you are going to enjoy a hassle-free system - performance, toughness, and beauty tend to be guaranteed for decades of regular use.
  • All PH Tech PVC pages are supported by a 20-year restricted guarantee for domestic applications.


Many brickmould choices are available providing you with the freedom to accommodate the task available. PH Tech's innovative styles keep style and beauty at heart while generating useful and convenient brickmould choices.

1) 2" action brickmould filled with screw ports and revolutionary covering limit
2) 2" action brickmould complete with nailing fin

Source: www.madero.ca
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