Wooden front doors UK

November 23, 2015
Oak Front Door | 800 x 600
  • Traditional around 1200 x 2400mm
  • Bespoke around 1500 x 3000mm


  • Hidden Pivot, body weight around 400kgs.
  • Total home leaf width 80mm
  • Double metallic reinforcement 6/40 thick X 2 Insulated door leaf to 1.112W/m2K and 32db sound insulation
  • Acoustic weatherseals withstand heat +70c to -30c
  • Course 4 security multipoint lock, protection keys, high grade stainless accessories
  • Door furniture and handles in grade 316 stainless steel appropriate marine programs
  • All-natural matching wood Cill with slimline limit Compliant with component M building regulations
  • Inwards starting as standard – Outward opening on request –
  • Given either clear Ultraviolet protection lacquer or obvious Ultraviolet protection oil. Maintenance required dependent on exposure
  • five years production warranty
  • Pivot doors on demand

door frame and cill

Urban Front doors totally comply with all European directives on Safety and Security. E80 is made with 20mm of normal hardwood with a steel strengthened part creating a complete home thickness of 80mm.

The Urban entry way frame part is created of 5 layers of all-natural hardwood laminated sections to provide additional stability. Our framework sections tend to be with matching hardwood cills, see section drawings below for more details.

Source: www.urbanfront.com
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