Brass Letter Boxes for front doors

January 21, 2015
Wooden front door with brass


We nonetheless have plenty of pins using this post and I also truly could do with revisiting this with an additional brass handle from church!

Ok, which means this post has been doing the offing for some time. We have had the front of your chapel building decorated with all the masonry coated, the leading doorways painted, brand new dangling baskets post etc also it was determined the entry way furnishings simply wasn't planning cut it.

Before & After

We already did the 2 forward handles, they both looked shiny, shiny, shiny when I'd finished together with them just like the one regarding the immediately. But we took my time performing the interior handle and letterbox therefore I could explain to you the way I made it happen.

So here is what I had a need to clean.

Brass page field, handle & Push sign

Really, when this occurs I assumed they were could possibly be anybody's guess really!

We started because of the push indication cos it absolutely was the smallest. I am exactly about outcomes me personally!

Gather the 'secret' tools!
Ok, I Am relatively predictable! I must acknowledge though that after performing scrubbing with your I'd a hankering for pancakes with lemon and that's what we had!

Anyhow, coat those items with sugar and then drop in enough lemon liquid to saturate the sugar. You can keep it to drench for a while if you want.

Using small push sign i recently used a regular green topped scrubby pad and handful of elbow oil and listed here is exactly how it arrived.

Effortless peasy, lemon squeezy!
So, on the interior handle.
It absolutely was so tarnished I wasn't yes the things I would get a hold of whenever I scrubbed but I coated it and left it to immerse.
I acquired at it utilizing the scrubby and...urm.
.then I made a decision it wasn't hardcore adequate and I required backup scrubbers...
I did not realise brillo ended up being now the main Mr Muscle range.anyway, moving on, i obtained scrubbing and discovered that which was underneath all that browny tarnish.
Yet more tarnish! I think your very first level of tarnish is over the layer of obvious varnish that is on top of the metal. The specific spindly handle has arrived up lovely and shiny but i do believe i would like some paint stripper for the following bit before i will scrub away that tarnish. Bah, I would been hoping to do without chemicals.
Anyway, this 1's nevertheless during my to-do stack.

But i did so move onto the page box. As you do...

This letterbox took a lot of scrubbing. A GREAT DEAL! This cleansing isn't when it comes to light hearted (or weak of arms). It took about three or four countless 45 min (ish) scrubbing sessions. I cannot keep in mind's all blurred into one LONG scrubbing sessions! Anyway, I did just take a photo of it after the first couple of units of scrubbing.
I happened to be cheered up by uncovering that gorgeous braid trim over the bottom. That would have thought that underneath that grimy browness (that's a brand new term, can you enjoy it?) would in fact be shininess! (evidently blogger allows that as a word but not blogger...odd).

Anyhow, more scrubbing later on and a beneficial old polish with this is required.

When this states to make use of a little bit it indicates SMALL! Put a teeny, weeny amount on with a soft cloth and polish it off again straight a short while later. Your fabric goes black for which you've refined it off but the brass may be shiny!


Physically i am perhaps not 100per cent pleased with it, but that is cos i am pernickity!

Here it's in situ on the front side doorways during my pre and post.

Ok, let's be honest, with shoulder grease it is easy peasy lemon squeezy but you have to be invested in scrubbing!
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