Black PVC front door

September 7, 2022
UPVC door finished in White

Mainstream knowledge features it that PVC isn't paintable. That’s a fair statement. Had I not spent six years researching painting uPVC I’d say the same thing. So: Can PVC be painted?

The truth is uPVC and cPVC (PVC from here on) are hard to paint. The reason is, usually PVC features a low surface energy. All products and fluids have actually a “surface energy”. The clinical device of surface energy sources are Dynes/Centimeter . For reasons of discussion I will discuss the area power, SE, of liquid and just how it pertains to PVC.

Liquid has a surface power of 72DYNE (DYNE is short for Dynes/Centimeter) and PVC has actually a surface energy of 41DYNE (range of the top power of numerous polymers). Since liquid has a greater surface power (SE) than PVC, it's going to bead up and move down like: “water-on-a-ducks-back”. In order for the water to “stick” or “wet out” onto PVC, PVC must be treated to raise the SE regarding the PVC above the SE of water. Can this done? By the normal customer?…well…no…but don’t surrender yet, and continue reading… the typical consumer can perform a few things to increase the SE of PVC, the very first of which would be to sand the area lightly. This can remove the area waxes to a degree (learn about surface waxes and learn just what PVC is made of) and produce more area for liquid to damp aside. We advice you utilize Green Scotch Brite because sand-paper will stock up rapidly because of the area waxes on the PVC. This increases the SE; the next way to enhance the SE is always to wipe the PVC with Acetone. Acetone is damaging to PVC. If one had been to immerse PVC in Acetone, it might breakdown the molecular framework with time and destroy the PVC. This, however, can be a benefit while preparing PVC for painting. The Acetone does a few things: (1) it swells the outer lining which makes it slightly much more permeable and (2) it disperses the area waxes which can be inherent at first glance through the extrusion process when it is produced. So, Acetone will even enhance the SE associated with the PVC.

There is another little bit of the equation with to-be considered. Regardless if a consumer makes the top as described, the SE of PVC wouldn't reach the SE of liquid (with these methods)–which is 72DYNE. In accordance with good luck planning, the SE of this PVC should be variable due to the waxes which are outside and inner to the PVC. To combat this, paints made from a blend of acrylic and polyurethane, (i.e., special latex shows) have been formulated with ingredients to reduce the SE regarding the fluid paint. These additives reduce the SE of PVC paints down to 34DYNE, that is lower than the untreated SE of PVC.

In theory one would not need to treat the PVC in the event that paint features an area energy below the PVC; but there’s problematic with theory–reality. Empirical outcomes advise a combination of good area preparation and a paint layer with a reduced SE, can result in great adhesion of paint to PVC.

There is lots more to it than that: the paint formulation is actually a cacophony of chemistry. Every small ingredient and each pigment change, can transform the adhesion of the fluid paint to your PVC substrate, but that’s beyond the scope for this article. Suffice it to say the paints developed when it comes to PVC niche being tested for adhesion on PVC each time a big change is made to the formula.

Another level of this Onion to get rid of

At MGM we subject the PVC to a fire treat process that can raise the area energy from 42DYNE to above compared to Water’s 72DYNE.

To try to better describe it. When the area energy of PVC is raised to the form of energy state, the liquid can “wet aside” into all the “micro pores” associated with the synthetic. These “micro pores” is looked at as “micro anchor points” to which the paint can adhere.

In our fire treat process, we subject the PVC to a very slim burn fire of natural gas. The heat of this flame is approximately 5000oF. At these temperatures a low heat plasma is done. In effect the excess oxygen when you look at the fire is heated to the stage of ionization. Meaning that the oxygen manages to lose an electron and becomes an optimistic ion. In this condition the air is quite really reactive and really wants to connect to a different atom or molecule. Within our process the O+ is introduced beside the PVC and bonds on PVC. The effect is the area power associated with the PVC is raised tremendously. There's another advantageous asset of the flame process which can be to eliminate the top waxes regarding PVC, raising the outer lining energy associated with PVC.

Therefore, whew… there you have it. PVC is painted, nonetheless it must prepare yourself precisely and it also has to (note: we stated needs to, not must) be painted with paints which are formulated for PVC. Confirmed another side note, there is a subdivision close to our company which has PVC windows that were coated with ” garden-variety” big-box paint, and it is still on the house windows after 10 years. I'd maybe not scrape it with a residence secret, but can you do this to your vehicle?

At MGM we also put reflective pigments inside paint so the PVC wont rise above it’s distortion heat of 140oF. (note: for dark colors PVC has to possess reflective pigments)That’s another article, therefore stay tuned in.

With our reflective pigment paint you can color your windows with black colored paint and not have distortion issues–you can “bet-your-sweet-bippy” on that one. (I’m showing my age right here, sorry ’bout that.)

At MGM Industries we've combined the areas between Clad-Wood windows and vinyl house windows. Take a good look at the MGM 8017 Series double-hung. This window seems the same as a contemporary aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad timber window, nevertheless now you may get much better overall performance at a portion of the fee.

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