Decorative glitter on the walls: from dull life to a sparkling fairy tale

November 5, 2020
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Sequins are ubiquitous in handicrafts, they are sprinkled on paintings, glued to various objects to add brightness. Also, small sparkles from colorful paper are used in make-up and manicure.

Small sequins made of polyester film, which are also called glitter for crafts, can work wonders in the interior. Walls are no longer just a background in interior design. The most fashionable interiors suggest that they will also be an important element that combines a balanced whole. A house or apartment can be decorated in a variety of ways, whether it is buying the right accessories or choosing the right wall covering: paint, wallpaper or tiles. If you put glitter on the wall, then even a boring and ordinary room will become shimmery, shiny and unique. The shiny surface looks good in the light. Moreover, this effect can be easily achieved with your own hands.

Start by mixing different sized glitters in a container. This will create a patchy texture that looks more attractive. Add glue to the sequins. Don't be alarmed if the mixture turns out to be patchy. It's quite normal. Cover the floor first to prevent glue from dripping onto it. Now you can apply the mixture to the wall with a spatula. Try to keep the layer even. It's time to work with the brush. Break the resulting lumps and smooth the mixture over the entire surface. Let the wall dry. It will take about five hours, but the result is fantastic!

You can use special stencils. Then shiny flowers, animal figurines or abstract drawings will appear on the walls. In the same way, using glitter, you can decorate the facades of cabinets or dressers. Now the room has become so unique that everyone will envy. It is a great way to add elegance to your apartment design.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

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