Bathroom Door latch Locks

May 25, 2016
Door Lock bedroom bathroom

Ranked 5.0 off 5.0 by Todd Looks and functions go beyond budget i'm an architect that's enthusiastic about products which are a great worth, purpose really, and appear good. We often utilize my own residence as a testing floor before promoting a product to litigant. The product is certainly not a multi-hundred buck latch from Germany or Italy which we would all love to put in if spending plans were unlimited. Having said that, I happened to be happily surprized at exactly how great this latch looks put in and it also operates much smoother and latches more firmly than the 'edge notch' equipment that is typical on numerous domestic pocket doorways. This installs like a normal home knob (drilling, recessing dishes) and it is a lot more easy to put in compared to the high priced mortise locks. I might put in this in my home once again and specify it for consumers. March 7, 2013

Ranked 5.0 from 5.0 by lildeb1971 breathtaking inclusion to cup pocket door After seeing this latch from a door & window set up company, we purchased one online from HD together with my specialist stick it within brand new cup home. He would never ever seen this sort of latch. Worked like a dream! The pop out pull the door increases results than our old one, also. The return on entrance framework is rectangular (like standard), therefore did not should be recut. September 13, 2013

Ranked 4.0 out of 5.0 by bdp3464 challenging open-door in just the lock. I purchased this lock thinking I might not need purchasing a seperate slide pull for the door. I became incorrect!! This lock cannot recess in to the home as deep as i believed. It's not a giant problem, only a hassle for people with bigger fingers. The lock works great and ended up being very simple to put in. December 17, 2015

Ranked 5.0 away from 5.0 by tony great good and works great! Its exactly what i needed. March 8, 2016

Ranked 5.0 out-of 5.0 by DaveB various and better pocket door option Really like this design and prefer it across more typical [rectangular] design. My only gripe has been regard to this product description and visuals ... There's no imagery nor details associated with how the lock in fact latches! Based on what's provided currently, you would certainly be led to think that the pull [appears becoming a hook] for some reason locks the door as opposed to the real design that deploys a catch quietly for the bolt that solidly protects the door whenever latched. Important thing, a great design well-executed ... so why worldwide is not it precisely promoted?! July 7, 2015

Ranked 5.0 away from 5.0 by Redoer sweet extension Goes well with a solid slab pocket door. Hole saw required. December 8, 2015

Ranked 5.0 regarding 5.0 by rpgdella Better than carving up a pocket home ! I saw this home lock in a custom residence. After that researched and discovered it regarding the Home Depot web site as it wasn't available in our local shop. Took under hour to put in following their instructions. (Having the needed resources) Works the very best out-of any pocket home lock I ever before used, and looks great too ! November 10, 2015

Rated 5.0 off 5.0 by lith1 replaces present lockset well This home latch is an excellent choice for conversion of a regular home to pocket door. Here is the lockset that should be stocked in store as opposed to the "square" kind. Its more reasonable and suits a pre-drilled standard lockset opening. It's more asthetically pleasing and contains a built-in door pull function! April 30, 2013

Is your "door latch" sticking?
Is your "door latch" sticking?
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