Architectural Door Handles

June 4, 2019
Custom Door Pulls & Stylish

a door handle works extremely well for opening, shutting or locking both interior and external doors. Entry door manages usually lock via a key cylinder. Restroom, bed room as well as other doorways are often lockable from within only. Corridor and hall doorways never typically secure, but may have a latch.

Levers, knobs and pull bars all serve as manages. Some doors have actually a handle on a single side just. A handle without a latch made use of and then pull the door open might be called a dummy handle. On ArchiExpo, these devices are classified by properties particularly design or material.


Particular handles are specifically made for wardrobe, cabinet or other furnishings doorways. They are usually pull handles or knobs, often with a locking process. They are usually decorative.

How to choose

Consider easier procedure and the degree of security necessary for each door, particularly entry models. Decide whether numerous handles should match and how the material, design and color of the handle will fit with the nearby decor.

Door manages on general public and commercial buildings is at the mercy of local wellness, protection and availability demands. For instance, an easily-operated pull bar put reduced from the door could be needed for the accessibility of these with minimal transportation. Durability and ease of cleaning are other factors.

Door handles / products gallery
Door handles / products gallery
Position Piece 1: Door Handle
Position Piece 1: Door Handle
How to Change a Door Handle
How to Change a Door Handle
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