French Door latch Hardware

September 9, 2022
Door Latch Bolt

Select the new equipment in a finish that complements the doorways and design for the room.Select the new equipment in a finish that complements the doors and design of area.

Three-point lock methods for double french doors include two flush bolts and a lockset. Flush bolts install in the top and reduced edges associated with stationary door and latch into a plate regarding the upper jamb and hole when you look at the limit. The lockset regarding operable home has actually a strike plunger that latches within face of this stationary home. Replacing the lock system is relatively simple considering that the brand new equipment installs in current mortises and drilled holes. Step one is getting rid of the existing equipment so you can have the proper replacement hardware.

Removing the equipment

Start the operable home utilising the knob or lever handle. Loosen and remove the device bolts that secure the lockset at the inside face of this home, with the proper screwdriver. Pull the inner and outer portions associated with lock out for the home, and set them apart.

Loosen the screws that secure the full bowl of the hit plunger during the exterior edge of the door, and take out the plunger construction. Remove the screws at hit plate regarding the outer side of the fixed home, and take away the plate.

Remove the hinge pins from the depends on the stationary door by tapping the limits of this pins upward with a flat-tip screwdriver and a hammer. Save the pins, and lift the entranceway from the hinges.

Position the fixed home on edge because of the flush bolts dealing with up. Loosen the screws that secure the bolts at the upper and lower stops regarding the home, and take away the bolts. Take away the plate the top bolt from face of the top doorjamb.

Have the brand-new lockset and hit dish based on the form of the old set. Some kinds have an integrated dead-bolt as well as others have actually a button lock. Obtain the flush bolts and top plate for doorjamb based on the size of the old bolts and plate.


Fit the latest flush bolts into the mortises regarding the edge of the stationary home where old bolts were eliminated. Make sure the bolts install so that the moveable locking pins extend outward through the upper and lower edges associated with home with the tiny thumb-latches. Install the provided screws at each of the machined holes regarding bolts, utilising the appropriate screwdriver.

Install the new strike dish for the lockset where the old dish had been removed at the edge of the fixed door. Install the latest dish for top bolt at the upper doorjamb where old dish had been removed, utilising the supplied screws.

Hang the stationary home regarding hinges, and install the saved hinge pins. Tap the hats of each pin downward because of the hammer to fully fit the pins into location. Close the door, and latch the top of and lower flush bolts.

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