Door Handles Escutcheons

April 20, 2017
Door handles , escutcheons

E.R. Butler & Co. is pleased to offer the E. & G.W. Robinson collection of Early American squeezed and hand-ground crystal door and cabinet knobs. For hundreds of years crystal knobs have actually adorned doorways, cupboards and drawers; their quality and brilliance consistently recommend the “cleanliness, purity, refinement and great taste” which is why they certainly were appreciated within the nineteenth century.

E.R. Butler & Co., once the successor to E. & G.W. Robinson, will continue to produce crystal knobs of exceptional design and workmanship. Our crystal knobs put on their particular solid metal turned shanks with a method branded by Enoch Robinson in 1837. Together with “Method of Attaching Glass Knobs to Metallic Sockets” a denticulated knob is held positioned by a keystoned socket. Our collection includes an historic number of forms, colors and sizes. Round, oval, octagonal or faceted knobs may have concave, flat or full areas. Crystal knobs may be clear, milk, opalescent, emerald, ruby, ox-blood, amethyst, cobalt, emerald or black colored, also silvered or etched.

Knobs range in dimensions from 2 ¼ and 1¾ inch diameter and projection for doorways to 1 ¼ inches for cabinets and good furnishings. Shank types can be found in many attractive finishes; all knobs are fully complemented by architectural trim including hinges, manages, locks, cane bolts, cylinder bands and covers, key escutcheons and covers, flash turns, doorstops, etc.

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